What are the Basic Camping Needs?

Camping can be an adventure for families and groups. What type of adventure depends on how prepared campers are. Preparation is essentially the most important aspect of camping. Since it is tough to discern what awaits you, being prepared in advance can alleviate many hardships associated with camping, such as inclement weather and accidents. Camping should be an adventure filled with fun and excitement and being prepared will make that successful.

Picking a Camp Ground

Choosing a Campsite: Advice and tips on choosing the best campground.

What to Consider: Things to consider when picking the campsite for your trip.

Minimum Impact: Choosing a campsite to minimize the impact on nature.

Types of RV Parks: A list of different campground terms with descriptions of the amenities that are available.

Types of Camping: Describes the types of camping, campsites and the experience needed when choosing a camping preference.

The Perfect Campsite: Tips for choosing the best campsite for your needs.

Recreation Tool: Use this tool to find your perfect campsite.

Choosing the Perfect Campsite: Advice and tips on choosing the perfect campsite for a great camping expedition.

Finding the Perfect Campsite: Mike and Julie Collins provide tips for finding the best campsite.

What to Bring When Camping

The Basics: A basic checklist of camping supplies.

A Master Checklist: An extensive camping checklist that allows you to remove the items that you don’t need.

Camping Trip: Adapt the list to your camping necessities.

Motorcycle Camping: A checklist for those who are interested in motorcycle camping.

What to Pack: The OutdoorSite Library offers a decisive article about packing for a camping trip.

For the Car: Camping list for car camping.

Camping Gear: A basic list of camping necessities.

That’s Camping: A camping list of what to bring on a camping trip in Northeast America.
Camping Safety

Poisonous Plants: How to identify poisonous plants while camping.

Summer Safety: Safety tips for a safe and fun family camping expedition.

Trail Safety: Be prepared to travel responsibly and effectively on the trails.

Campfire Safety: Protect yourself and the wildlife with these important campfire guidelines.

Hunting Safety: A beginners guide to hunting camping.

Natural Hazards: Tips to keep campers safe during thunderstorms.

First Aid Kit: The composition of a first aid kit for a family of four for any journey.

First Aid Quiz: Quiz yourself to see how prepared you are for an emergency.

Water Safety: Know how to make drinking water safer while camping.

Cooking While Camping

Food Safety: A factsheet provided by the Minnesota Department of Health with advice on keeping food safe and clean.

Campfire: Build a campfire without excessive smoke and learn how to thoroughly put it out.

Cooking on the Trails: Great tips on packing and preparing the best foods for camping.

Winter Camping: Tips for eating the proper nutrition during cold weather camping.

Preparation and Equipment: A camping factsheet on keeping food safe before and during the cooking process.

The Dutch Oven:Dutch oven cooking recipes.

Camping Food: Recipes for breakfast through desert.

Supplies: A list of basic cooking and food supplies.

 The Campfire Coals: An extensive guide for cooking outdoors with necessary tips for planning and preparing food all while remaining healthy.

Camping Activities

Action Songs: Sing a song and let your body and hands move along with the tune.

Camp Songs: 10 sets of camping songs to sing around the campfire.

Hiking: A how to hiking guide for an incredible hiking experience.

Fly Fishing: Learn the basics of fly fishing for a soaring camping activity.

Spooky!: Campfire ghost stories for the young and young at heart.

The Road Trip: Print these road trip bingo cards and stop the “Are we there yet?”

Scavenger Hunt: Tips for creating a nature and camera scavenger hunt that is bound to bring the scavenger out in you.

Misc. Camping Resources

For the Whole Family: A camping safety guide with instruction sheets for insect bites and allergies. Also tips for planning ahead and emergency basics.

Outdoor Action: A guide for winter camping from planning to emergency preparedness.

Camping Tips: The do’s and don’ts of camping.

Gearing up: A camping guide for parents of children with disabilities.

Leave no Trace: A guide on promoting safety and decreasing the damages to natural resources.

Got Kids?: Tips for camping with kids.

Camping with Kids: Advice on camping with infants and toddlers.

Hygiene and Health: Tips for remaining healthy and maintaining good hygiene habits.

For Women: Solutions to common asked question by women new to camping.

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