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Fires can happen unexpectedly, and can cause serious damage to our homes and lives. It is very important that everyone in the family have a set of rules to follow in the event of a house fire. These rules should be emphasized for children and adults alike, and should be something everyone understands. Kids should particularly be aware of the many skills and rules needed to survive and escape a fire. Sadly, many children every year suffer from injuries or may potentially die from fires. Approximately 500 children aged 14 and younger die from fires in the United States each year. Over 80,000 kids are treated for burns or smoke inhalation on average every year. These statistics are startling, and only reiterate the importance of children having a good understanding of fire safety. Fortunately, understanding fire rules doesn’t have to be boring. There are a number of excellent programs available to make learning about fire safety fun for kids of all ages. Schools, local firehouses, and other non-profit organizations have dedicated themselves to helping educate kids about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire. These rules can apply to their homes and to public transportation and buildings as well. Teaching both children and adults about what to do to prevent fires and how to react if a fire occurs is information that everyone can use to help save lives. Fire Prevention. There are many things that can be done to prevent fires from occurring. First and foremost, smoke detectors should be installed in every home. The battery should be tested every month to make sure it is still working properly. Fire extinguishers should also be placed in different areas of the home, particularly in the kitchen and in bedrooms. Children need to understand how and when to use these fire extinguishers in the event of a fire. Using other materials like sand can help to put smaller fires out. Every child should know to call 911 in the event of an emergency and ask for the fire department. Each family should also have an escape plan put in place, so everyone can evacuate the home safely if a fire occurs.

  • Fire Prevention Week – This helpful site focuses on an annual campaign, focusing on fire prevention for one week. Emphasis on schools and organizations with plenty of resource material.
  • Safety Tips – A great deal of information for consumers, including children, with fire prevention tips.
  • Discussion Points– Helpful information for parents to discuss with their children regarding fire safety.
  • Home Fire Safety – An interactive online lesson designed specifically for kids to help them learn about fire safety at home.
  • Fire Safety at Home – This is an excellent resource providing information about safety and how to prevent fires in the home.
  • Prevention – A good checklist for children, showing different tips for preventing a fire from occurring.
  • Fire Extinguishers – In-depth information about fire extinguishers, including types, ratings, and how to use them.
  • Smoke Alarms – Some frequently asked questions and answers regarding smoke alarms.
  • Arthur’s Fire Safety Tips – Some fun fire safety tips for children, from their friend Arthur.

Fire Dangers Many different things can cause fires. Following a few simple rules like not plugging too many items into electrical outlets, watching out for space heaters, and following simple common sense kitchen and cooking rules can help prevent fires. Worn out electrical cords can also be a hazard. Small children should not have access to things like matches or lighters. Those who smoke in the home should be aware of the dangers of leaving a cigarette unattended, and this same rule applies to candles as well. Small steps and a bit of common sense can help to ensure these dangers do not become a reality.

  • Fire, Lighters, and Kids– A brief page discussing child-safe lighters and how to ensure kids don’t play with lighters.
  • The Dangers of Fire – Basic information about the dangers of fire.
  • Fire Dangers List – A quick list of some common fire prevention tips and some of the things that can cause fires.
  • Dangers & Safety Tips – This website is designed for parents to help them identify some common fire dangers and safety tips.
  • Candles & Fire – Good advice on how to light and enjoy candles safely.
  • Fire Pit Dangers – An article discussing the dangers of outdoor fire pits, particularly to children.
  • Space Heater Safety – Pointers on how to safely and properly use a space heater.

If Caught in a Fire In the unfortunate event that a fire strikes, it’s imperative that you and your children know what to do. Smoke is the leading cause of fire-related deaths, so the stop, drop, and roll method is extremely important to teach children. Some other tips include never touching a hot doorknob, always cover your face, and know your exits in advance if possible. Having an escape route already planned can be difference between life and death in many situations. Smaller fires can often be smothered with sand or a blanket. If you happen to catch fire, wrapping up in a blanket and rolling around can often get it put out quickly. A good, easy to use fire extinguisher is also very important to have handy.

  • Fire Safety Habits – Explains how to practice safe habits at home.
  • What to Do – Information regarding what to do if you catch on fire, and how to handle similar situations.
  • How to React – A simple, interactive website that helps ensure kids know what to do if a fire happens.
  • Escape Routes – Coloring pages and information about escape routes in the home.
  • Fire Safety Handbook – This fun website has a good deal of information geared towards kids about being knowledgeable about fire safety.
  • Virtual Fire Department – Learn all about how the fire department works here.
  • Home Fire Drill – Comprehensive resource on practicing home fire drills and making sure your house is fire safe.

More Fire Safety Fun Here are some more informative and fun resources geared towards kid that will help them learn about fire safety.

  • Smokey the Bear – Visit Smokey the Bear’s cabin to learn about fire safety and have some fun.
  • Sparky the Fire Dog – This fun, interactive site is aimed toward younger children to help them learn about fire safety and prevention.
  • Kids Fire Safety Tips – Helpful website that uses colorful characters to teach fire safety.
  • Fire Safety for Kids – An interactive website with lots of fun things for children about being safe in regards to fires.
  • Fire Activity Book – Download this fun coloring and activity book full of helpful fire tips.
  • Forest Fires – Educational website that informs kids about the dangers of forest fires.
  • The Cow That Destroyed Chicago – The story of the Great Chicago Fire, and how it relates to fire safety.
  • Firefighting Activities – A large assortment of fun activities about firemen and fighting fires.

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